10 January 2011

New Post for the New Year

I'd always keep in mind "dont forget to write about your new year"! But everytime there's a chance for me to post it, somethings comes up, work, food, drinks, download, sleep, and I dont have any idea what to add in "New Year 2011" post.

Well, when it comes to the end of December 2010, some people may already had a plan on what to do, where to celebrate, and with whom may they celebrate it, must be something special isn't it? I only knew that 2011 just a new year = New Year...got it? First day of the new year will be the same day from yesterday, and tomorrow will be the same day of today...then, What are the differences?? Everyday you woke up in the morning, do your routine, go to work, back home, get sleep, and the next day you do the same, day are still the SAME. Unless you got lucky when a charmed prince came knocking your door and propose you to marry him, that's what I call different, haha!
It is just my opinion, maybe some of you have a memories that you hold tight every minute and second and try not to forget to... 
Happy 2011 :-)

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