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Assalamualaikum and happy Holiday everybody!!!I am very excited to make this entry.. :-D well not all people have the courage to tell about themselves right? BTW picture above was taken when my body weight gain 1 kilo's, oooohhh noooooo! and my cheek look chubby ;-(
Blog entitled Fatihah, i'm using my own name, but i didn't use my 'real' name... This blog only to shared and "story telling", for those who aren't interested, may leave this page instantly, haha!berlagak betol macik nih! okey, even though I wrote on this blog about myself but that doesn't mean it was 100% about me, i'm not that kinda person who always and like 24hour on computer, so......, most of my entry aren't posted everyday..

My blog were created about last year, when at that time i'm sooooo bored and  i really miss my husband.. so i thought maybe i can make myself a lil bit busy, and something "popping" on my head.. make my own blog! TADDAAAAA! so, here's  "CT Fatihah" :-)

At first my entry is just a music video, I still remember the top love song at that time.. Then I fill this blog with some interesting story which I made it myself and other were just "copy and paste", hehe!, yup, copy and paste, what?, you think you can copy and paste only on your assignment? huh seriously no! Maybe you can do it on your blog but careful with the "copyright" thing, ok!

About me baru sahaja dibuat pada 23 November 2010 (mestilah baru nak merangkak nie)
Please do not hesitate to leave any comment, thank youuuu~
(Alhamdulillah akhirnya aku dikurniakan cahaya mata which still in my belly hehehehe) Alhamdulillah, syukur sangat2 ;-)

Thank you!