25 January 2011

My 3 Months

Assalamualaikum w.b.t...
When you get pregnant, the most important is to check your health right? And where to check? of course at clinic darling... hehe! Same as me, this month my womb currently at 14 weeks = 3 and a half months.. I'm glad nothing happen so far but...there's always but.. I had a headache..kinda weird for me because, i'm feeling dizzy at all times, and from what I knew, when you got dizzy, you as a pregnant mother cant take painkiller a.k.a PARACETAMOL, PANADOL or ActiFast etc.... it'll make your baby became weak. But HOW???how to make it stop?? I can't stand it! I spend my day just on my bed and keep crying... I didn't eat nor drink.. I'm so weak!
My husband felt pity on me and he bring me to some private clinic. As usual the doctor check on my body temperature and he advice to drink a lot of water, avoid drinking cold water, make sure to eat more veggies, proteins and also food that contains carbohydrates to stay healthy.. At that time, I didn't say anything, I only keep nod while he speak cos my head still feel dizzy, haha! Thank God, the doctor gave me a painkiller which pregnant mom can take while feeling dizzy...and now, I feel my head more lighten and "freeeeeee"haha!
I guess this 3 months are just beginning..maybe there's more misery in another 6 months...uwaaaaaaaaaaa.......
That is why in Malay there is a quote saying "syurga itu dibawah tapak kaki ibu"....

-the entry from the keyboard but the story are from my heart-

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